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Why Brentwood Hills?

Evoking the upscale neighborhood nestled in the hills of California, Brentwood Hills Collection adds a mood of affluence accustomed to this region. European White Oak 7 1/2 inch planks undergo a sophisticated dual hand process which emphasizes a striking grain pattern accentuating each plank’s natural character. Showcase your space with bold wide planks, varying in lengths of up to an astonishing 72 inches long.

Specifications & Construction

ConstructionEngineered Hardwood
InstallationFloat, Glue, Nail (Glue Assist)*
SpeciesEuropean White Oak
Dimensions5/8″* x 7.5″ x 72″ RL
FinishHigh Performance UV Cured Urethane
TextureOpen Grain Brushed
BenefitsDurable Finish, Rich Designer Style
*For Nail installations, please refer to the installation addendum for details on glue assist spread recommendations.
* Nominal Thickness

Installation Instructions & Warranty

How to Care for Your Floor

Floorings are factory finished and protected with several layers of technically advanced high quality UV Cured Urethane Finish. This finish is tough, durable, smooth and easy to maintain. The Manufacturer recommends Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner and Bona Micro-Fiber Mops for maintaining UV Cured Flooring. Contact a retailer or visit or call (800) 872-5515 for the nearest dealer, technical department, or advice on maintaining or restoring the Floor’s finish.

  • Sweep, vacuum or dust-mop the Floor regularly.
  • Trim the claws of pets regularly to reduce scratches and indentations.
  • Glue protective felt pads on the legs of all chairs and furniture to reduce scratches, indentations and damage tothe Floor. Check them regularly for wear and embedded grit. Replace as needed.
  • Wipe up spills IMMEDIATELY.
  • Stop dirt at the entrance. Grit, gravel, sand and dirt are enemies of hardwood floors.
  • Make it a habit to keep the wood Floor clean.
  • Vacuum with a vengeance. Vacuum regularly with a vacuum that does not use a beater bar head or attachments intended for carpet.
  • Protect the Floor when moving appliances or furniture. Lay down a sheet of clean quarter-inch plywood or Masonite to protect the Floor. Use a dolly.
  • Use plastic film or other non-breathing coverings as humidity buildups can cause the floor to become damaged.
  • Expose the floor to excessive sunlight since it can cause color fading or discoloration.
  • Use water to clean or mop the Floor. Water causes deterioration of the wood itself and the finish.
  • Use round headed chair or furniture leg glides.
  • Allow spike heels to indent and damage the floor. Those in disrepair are especially harmful.
  • Track in sand, grit or dirt onto the wood floor. A grain of sand has 26 razor-sharp edges. That is like walking a floor with sandpaper on the soles of shoes.
  • Drag furniture or heavy objects across the surface of the Floor.
  • Use household dust treatment products as this will make the Floor slick.
  • Use cleaning tools or machines that apply water or steam to the wood Floor.
  • Roll or slide the refrigerator on the wood Floor. The weight may severely damage the Floor.
  • Use rubber or foam-backed plastic mats, as they may discolor the Floor.
  • Allow ice cubes to melt or water to dry on the wood Floor.

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